Jenny Flint (Night Blade)

The spunky young companion of the Doctor. She is a master with the Katana.


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Jenny is a master with the katana and her acrobatic abilities are very impressive. During her adventures with the Doctor both she and her sword (Leaf on the Wind) were infused with energy from the time vortex that powers the Tardis. The Doctor was able to save her life, at the cost of his own regeneration, but both she and her blade carry some interesting side effects.

Superhuman Agility, regeneration, increased strength and stamina, slowed againg
Leaf on the Wind (Katana)- Unbreakable, can release temporal energy when it strikes a target throwing the target forward in time (causing it to miss turns), can also use the temporal energy to generate a large amount of heat allowing it melt through metal and set substances like wood and cloth ablaze

Jen is a lively flirtatious young woman and is always trying to push the limit. She is one of the few people who can really aggravate the Doctor and seems to delight in doing so.


Jenny Flint is a 19th century British Noble Woman who is displaced from he time due to her meetings with the Doctor. Her father was a military man and had been stationed in the orient for many years. There, she secretly learned the art of the sword from one of her fathers servants. A retire ninja named Shiang Toa. He told her she was destined for great things and though she never understood his cryptic comments, she trained hard. Her family later returned to London and she was thrust into a more womanly life of parties and giant dresses, things she didn’t at all care for. One night, as she was returning from yet another party, her carriage was attacked by a band of thugs. As the driver fled and her gentleman escort begged them not to hurt him she jumped into action. Before long she had subdued all five men. From that night on she abandoned parties and took up crime fighting.

The people of London called her the “Blade of Night” because of her weapon of choice and the fact she only risked going out at night to hide her true identity. She first met the Doctor during her hunt for London’s notorious murderer Jack the Ripper. She had cornered the villain, but it turned out he was an alien and not a typical opponent. Jenny fought amazingly, but ultimately the alien proved to much and it looked as though she would be the Rippers next victim. Just then the Doctor showed up and was able to subdue the alien. They immediately took a liking to each other and teamed up. She and The Doctor traced his movements back to a ship containing even more aliens. After a brief scuffle, in which Jen saved the Doctor no less than 3 times, the Doctor forced the aliens ship into low orbit where it detonated in a grand display. The Doctor offered to take Jen with him for thanks in saving his life. With no one to leave behind, she quickly excepted. They traveled for sometime and had several adventures. At one point Jen came into contact with the time vortex in order to save the Doctors life. She managed to do so, but the energy was ripping her mortal body apart. The Doctor took the energy from her, saving her life but was forced to regenerate into the form he currently holds. Things were never quite the same after that and it wasn’t long till the Doctor told her he had to sort some things out and ended up leaving her in America in 2010. The Doctor then went on a few mysterious missions before going to England in 1960 and Starting the chain of events that lead him to join the Vigil. From Jens perspective though it was only a few minutes from the time when the TARDIS disappeared, leaving her behind, to when a car drove up beside her and a man named Luke Wright approached and said he had been sent by the Doctor. Jen was quickly reunited with a slightly older Doctor who invited her to join The Vigil. She accepted and has been a reliable member of the team sense that time. She used her old nickname but changed it around to Night Blade cause she thought it sounded more 21 century.

Jen is fan of the BBC series Doctor Who and was delighted to find out she had been included as a character in one of the recent seasons (the writers actually sent her a letter saying she was indeed the inspiration for the new character). She thought the plot of being married to an alien lizard woman was hilarious and loved the fact her character wields the Katana. She hopes her character gets to make more appearance in the future. ( The fact that the Doctor doesn’t care for the show makes her enjoy it even more)

Jenny Flint (Night Blade)

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