The Doctor

An enigmatic time traveler from a distant world who has taken up residence on Earth.


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The Doctor is incredibly intelligent and able to work wonders with all sorts of mechanical endeavors. He has two advanced devices with him at all time, his trusty Sonic Screwdriver and his “Special Overcoat”. Both of these allow him to accomplish even more impressive feats. The Doctor has a photographic memory and is capable of staggering mental feats, such as speaking every language in the galaxy. He also has the ability to regenerate if he is killed, however this does take some time and dying again before regenerating can lead to permanent death. The Doctor does age, but the process is greatly slowed compared to humans and regenerating can result in a new form at any age. The Doctor is resistant to certain types of radiation and energy and can also sense the very fabric of time, knowing when certain event have been tampered with or altered.

The Doctor is the last of an ancient and powerful race of space faring peoples called the Gallifreyans. The Doctor came to Earth in the early 60s and was held, willingly, for a time by the British government. Evidence of Great Britain housing an alien was stolen by a Russian spy and would have made it back to the KGB if not for the efforts of the Doctor himself. After this incident it was decided that the government would need a way to cover up the Doctors existence and so the BBC was asked to create a program based loosely on the true Doctor. The show was called Doctor Who and went on to become a success for many years. The Doctor himself is not a great fan of the show, to many painful memories dramatized, and is often annoyed by today’s heroes asking him if he can arrange a meeting with David Tenant or photo op with the TARDIS. The Doctor worked for a short time with the British Government before leaving and joining The Vigil. The Doctor is not a fan of governments, their rules, and often underhanded dealings.

The Doctor runs The Vigils science and technologies division and has designed many of the gadgets its members use, though he has a strict policy against creating weapons. He maintains a complex database on almost every criminal activity on the planet, making the Vigil one of the most well informed super groups out there. He has been very careful, in his time on Earth, not to introduce any technology that humans may use to “blow themselves out of existence” and while this has ruffled some feather in the government and scientific communities the Doctor adamantly refuses to cross that line, going so far as too create devices that self destructed after their essential task was fulfilled.

Largely a believer in non-violent conflict resolution, he is, when absolutely necessary, a great warrior. Indeed, some civilizations in the universe translated the word doctor as warrior, whilst others saw him as a compassionate benefactor, worthy of their admiration and compassion. Numerous good deeds aside, he was indisputably responsible for billions of deaths at the conclusion of the Last Great Time War, for which he carries a large amount of guilt. He was the only Gallifreyan survivor of that great conflict with the Daleks because he ended it by obliterating both races.

The Doctor has been very esoteric about his reasons for coming to Earth and staying so long in this time period, the best answer anyone has been able to get out of him is “This is when everything changes…”

The Doctor

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