The Dungeon Keeper


Doctor File: The Dungeon Keeper
Little is known of the being refereed to as the Dungeon Keeper. He mostly appears as a dark figure wearing dark ornate robes, though sightings of him are extremely rare, and confirmation of those sightings rarer still. He seems to hail from a pocket dimension in time/space over which he has absolute control. Whether he is native to this dimension or created it himself is uncertain. It is known he has demonstrated extraordinary magical powers both on our world and in his own plane of existence. (It should be noted a large amount of this information has been obtained from his minions, having been captured by heroic force and then interrogated. It’s validity is questionable at best.)

Threat Level 7-10 Master Villian
Assigning a definite threat level would be fool-hardy considering the indeterminate nature of our knowledge of the Keeper. It should be safe to assume he is at least a level 7 threat here in our dimension and may be a 10 or even more on his native plane.

Known Powers
Summon Imp- He can summon Imp workers seemingly at will.
Thunderbolt- Can summon a stunning bolt of lightning from the sky
Possession- Seems to be able to transfer his consciousness and physical form into any of his minions, increasing that minions powers and abilities by a vast amount
Heal- Is able to heal his wounded minions
Sight of Evil- Can remote view locations as if he where there, it is not known what kind connection the area the Keeper needs to utilize this power
Tremor- He is able to cause minor earthquakes in small areas
Turncoat- He has the power to make an individual believe that his friends are his enemies and vice versa
Create Gold- He was once observed to create a pile of gold from thin air when an associate from our world demanded payment (This may have simply been a teleportation from his own dimension, we can not be sure)
Poly-morph Chicken- He is able to turn other being into chickens, though the effect did subside over time the victim described the experience as most fowl…
Inferno- He can create a huge deadly blast of fire, and I suspect superheated plasma, in a small area
Create Portal- He is able to summon a portal between our world and his seemingly at will. Though none of his minions seem to be able to use this portal.
Summon Reaper- It appears he can summon the Horned Reaper at will.

Reported additional powers from pocket dimension (It is uncertain if any of these powers function in our dimension and what limitations they may have if they do)
Keeper Sight- The ability to choose a point of view anywhere in his realm regardless of the Keeper’s present location. This expands with the ability to view through the eyes of the Keeper’s minions if desirable. This allows him to view virtually anywhere without the Keeper’s physical or spiritual presence.
Keeper Transport- He may pull any minion, object, or substance he controls out of a its current location and place it anywhere else. The limits of this power are uncertain at best. The few individuals to have gone to the Keepers realm and returned describe strange occurrences such as giant floating hand, minions dropping from the sky around them, lightning bolts randomly striking their group, and things around them simply disappearing in an instant.


The Dungeon Keeper has an impressive cadre of minions, notable ones are listed here with thier respective leaders.

The Goblin Horde- The Goblin King (the actual goblin in command changes quite often due to the backstabbing nature of the goblins)
Order of Warlocks- Zargon the Despised
Trolls- Unknown
Dark Elves- Queen Vadrilla
Dark Mistresses- Iron Maiden
Magma Lizard Broods- None, they have no organized structure
The Rogues Guild- Unknown
Bile Demons- Unknown
The Vampire Coven- Lord Invictus
Widow Maidens- Empress Lolth
The Legion of Black Knights- Malagant
The Host of Dark Angels- Asmodeus
The Horned Reaper

The Dungeon Keeper

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